MB 380 SL 1984

I know this is very far from HOT ROD building.....but need to built this 1984 SL mercedes during this winter.  
Not easy sell it  now, but after painted, registered and got historical vehicle (museoauto) status its easier to change MB for Cash money.

Estonian man didn´t want to sell  US HAULIN - Closed trailer alone.  He told me "now I sell You trailer, but You need to buy one SL mercedes in same deal".....shit,...I want that trailer, so I send him money and bought MB too.

Waisting time with this car, but.....I want to cash it when spring sun is shining.


i bought 30litre ultrasonic washer from China.  600w/80decrees (celcius).  Latest 95E, 98E fuels (unleaded) are junk.  Too much ethanol, old carbs are going very bad condition.  I have had very much problems last summer with all hot rod carbs (409cid, both blown flatheads)... I hope washer helps,  lets see.  
Also this MB K-jetronic parts need to wash same time when new Bosch injectors come in from USA.













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