Truck, SemiTrailer and dragster

1998 I sold my RaceBuss and built this Truck + Trailer.  I started to built it during "racing season" , because I did know this project takes over 2000hours.   I was install deadline to get all ready before April 1999 American Car Show (Helsinki Fair center) and Car maintenance and service Fair (Helsinki fair center).

I did it, but very much stress which I didn´t realize myself.  Some kind of Burnout,... long time after get truck and trailer ready, not sleeped good.   Nice project but I can tell You it was same time my "first, only and last" -truck project.

I had big sponsors, which all helped to make this kind of projects.  Neste Oil company (finnish), Sisu (finnish truck) and 15-20smaller co-operator.  

More pics coming later.


My beautyful ex. wife Johanna,  Sisu truck (Gummins 14litre + fuller tranny),  14,5m semitrailer.

Johanna was drive my dragster 2years 1998-1999.  Good driver like women are.  They are do all like we have talked, not more or less.

Men have many times same problem globally; "try more , try too much,,.." and You know result;  damages, broken engines,,....





I bought this old Familon Oy (Matress manufacturer) semi trailer first on June 1998.

August 1998 started to weld.










On plywoods I glue aluminum after I was turned alum. ends 90dec.







I removed sidedoors and replaced those alum. panels.  I used old RV window frames + new hardered and tinted windows.

I was sandblast all those areas where I have sprayed red epoxy.


My mechanics were help me 3 weekend during 8months building time. Thanks Jani, Jari, Ari.

My wife helped me weekly.


Ready for paintjob.

These plastic tanks I used in trailers water system.  1000liter fresh water, 600litre greywater tank.


Timo Suojanen , Famous finnish street racing driver, rent me his old Toyota Dyna. I bought from finnish "copart" German made Knaus RV.  RV has been in accident.  I used hardwood kitchen, heating systems,.... I increased another heating system for water heating and 16meters radiators.  Another heating system (Propaine) was for shower and kitchen.



Jarkko Kankaanpaa helped with paintjob.  He is professional car painter.  My hands were not so good conidtion after first painting day, he did all paintjob another day.











Restroom and shower.

Hardwood floor installation

Kitchen.  One of my sponsors were OLVI , finnish beer company.  I had Beer system (cooler and tanks) installed.



Dragster area to front.


Here "bar" is ready. Dolby surround system, video, TV, Beer, dishwasher, 2 freezer for food....



First months I need to rent truck but finally I got own truck from SISU , finnish truck manufacturer.  Old SISU FUTURE

which was technical and outside very sad condition, but I made fiberglass jobs, weld new sheet metal etc and SISU rebuilt truck 100% in their local service.  All new in fuel system, brakes, airsprings, tires,.....










FIrst I made trailer ready outside.  After that I keep heating inside (industrial electric heaters) and built it inside.



Truck is ready.  It was very "sad outlook" when I get it from Sisu.  2 months, and looks much better!



Front tent first time "test and fit".


New Marketing co-operation stickers (sponsor)




In FHRA American Car Show, Helsinki

Somewhere in Finland.  I made NESTE gas station "tour". Sometimes there was over 2000 people visiting during day.

School classes, families, ....

On the way to Helsinki "car service and maintenance" -fair.

Truck inside. Dragster in Neste oil companys place another hall.


Visitors can quess how many oilcans behind class.

In Truckers festival. Of course in Neste oil companys place.  Free beer, juice, food and coffee for visitors.


Maybe in Sweden or Norway. It´s race time.



Motopark, in Finland.   My friends 1965 impala (427cid) in pic too.


In Alastaro circuit,  FIA European championship competition


Yes, she got many throphys too. 










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