Rear Engine Dragster

I sold my STW nova as rolling car and bought my first race car.  This dragster is known in finland name "rotta" -dragster (Rat dragster). I remember it in 80´s.  THere was slant six engine and it runs something 10-11sec ET.  RED has been before that in Sweden.



Here we are.  I have use same dragster engine which I had in my Nova, Antti kivinummi (Simunaglide) finnish race transmission specialist, made me short powerglide and he arranged me Mark Williams dragster driveshaft couplings etc.

All ready for lisencestarts (6pc) and my first Drag race competition.



Test and tune in kalajoki Street race.  I, Johanna, Mika and Peter.

Foto:  Pasi kekarainen, Oulu.



Ari Salmela , one of my mechanic, had nice chevy van and I got this long one axle trailer with rolling dragster.

Steak House owners (our sponsors) come to see how I drive and they cook us good food.


in 5th start time was 8.90sec.


In eliminator we has 1st spot, qualification nr1.

In Alastaro there was many swedish Super comp teams too.



Again Qualification nr. 2 in EM Alastaro Competition. Only Marko and Olli are happy about that.




"New" buss, foto from Pietarsaari before they painted it red.

I bought from Jakobstad 1970 Volvo Buss. 

and sold this very old drag racing trailer to Lapland (snowmobile use).




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