MB 280 SEC 3.5

This SEC MB body we bought from Finland. It was just imported from Germany.  We used 4d S-serie mercedes like "basic car".  I pieced that car and used all techinical and many interior parts from that 4d S-mercedes.   

This SEC was not original shape.  I lowered it ,  bumpers are from different body mb (108, 111 earlier...). It took 4-5months to built this car. 







need to weld very much in engineroom too.  Both sides, inner fenders,...



Middle 90´s , when selfie was new thing !






J.Räihälä himself








Photos from California?  No.  Those are from Kalafornia (Kalajoki beach, my hometown).



Looks like photo took near equator (shadow is so short, under car) but,.... no, its took in Kalajoki beach.





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