HD 1989 Softail 106cid

I bought this HD from West Hills CA.  Seller was not very poorman.  Somebody was built this MC in Orange, CA.  He told me that total cost was something 35K.  We become friends, He sold very reasonable price this MC for good home.

I made some changes (fenders, tank, driveline) but nothing big.  It runs low 13sec in Kalajoki 1/4track.  Here was not so many over 100cid HD in Finland that time...

2005 I sold MC to Espoo.












This dog name is Chevy.  Its found and he was living in our garage pomona.  It was too nice dog, but after one winter it was more "angry" for foreign dudes like
"homeless", "neger", "cat"..... I and Lare Aarnio keep very thight security dog course and Chevy learn all what security dog need to learn, when living in Pomona CA.

American friends told us that we are Finnish nazis,.....  , we didnt accept that.  We just hadn´t so "smooth" way to train, than our American friends, who have been too long time under sun.....






Again one Selfie.  14years ago it was big thing......






In Pomona Swapmeet.  I, My beautyful girlfiend Marjo (originally from Turku Fin), Timo Passi and Herranen from Turku.  He owns MC shop in Turku. Timo was living in Los Angeles from begining of 80s, but now a days he is back in Kalajoki Beach , Finland.  



Sundays we were driving all over Malibubeach and Mulholland drive.









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