FED Projects

These FE Dragsgers I have  not built.  Just bought from USA and sold to Sweden.


This FED was for sale in Bakersfield Famoso raceway October 2007.  I wrote down seller name and  Few months later I called seller and bought car with single axle open trailer.  When FED arrived Finland eary spring 2008, I picked it home and next week sold it to North-Sweden.  


Nice 70s outlook.  Now a days real vintage!





This early 60´s FED I bought 2016 from Alabama US.  It arrived to Middle Sweden (Dalarna) after few months.
I sold engine+tranny (400cid+th400) to Finland, street use.  Good parts, maybe over 400hp. Forged pistons, 292t heads, roller cam+lifters+rockers, 700dp, sfi flexplate, ....  10" A1 + TH400 short model with manual valvebody.

Dragster I sold to Sweden. Two sets wheels, all vintage steering stuff, cromo chassis, moon tank, very good condition cromed front end with wirewheels and new tires, rearaxle with spool and airheart early disc brakes,....





























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