Decoration stuff

I sell all those old decoration stuff one deal. Not item by item.

If You are REALLY interested in and You understand those stuff , You can contact me by email.

Coolboxes are mostly 50´s-60´s

Dinner table, chairs and cabin are made 1939 !!! (porcelain enamel tops, painted sides, crome, vinyl....)

Parking meter is 40´s

Toolbox and old tools 50´s 

Hiboy -lubester is from 30´s

Ferrari GP car is from end of 50´s 

Golfbag is from late 40´s

Travelling chest (wood & steel) is made in Massaschusetts 1900......

1930´s Gas Station lights (porcelain enamel) 2pc + 1extra

Still have old stuff outside of my house in stock. Some coolbox, 65y old Electrolux refrigerator (high model, rounded corners!), toasters 2-3pc....











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