Camaro dailydriver

Middle of October 2019 just found interesting and reasonable price dailycar from Chino Hills, CA. Mikko from Finn-Us ( made again great job.  He met Young lady, seller, and testdrive car.

Took maybe 20-30pics and wait one day my accept to buy car.  Girl was 1st owner but now need more familycar, because she will be mother soon. Now car is waiting for some stuff arrive from wholesalers (race, rod) and after that Mikko is ship car to Finland. 

Still keep 2011 MB 2.2 turbodiesel stw another dailydriver and of course Roush RC500 pick up is very good car for another dailydriver.

Victory Red, simple outlook and reasonable miles driven.  what else need?  Maybe those AXIS 22" wheels are stuff what I not go to buy from wheel and tire dealer, but....  looks OK to me.






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